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Dateline: Las Vegas: Winter 2021:

Online Money Making Secrets Revealed.

All The Money To Be Made Online Comes From Making A Click On A Banner Or Text Link And Getting Paid For That Action Or Making A Purchase. And It ALL Comes From Click Arbitrage - You Make More From The Click Than It Costs You To Get The Click.

Why Else Do You Think Google Rules The Pay Per Click Online World? It's Enormously Profitable For Them But Not For You. That Begs The Question: Exactly What Are They Selling?

Answer: Banner And Text Link Advertising, With A FREE Listing Thrown In Every Once In A While To Get People To MAYBE Pay Them To Get Their Banner Or Listing Clicked On With The Idea Baked In, That If You Pay Them, Instead Of Opting For The Freebie Listing, You Will Get More Visitors To Your Weblink You Listed And Make More Money.

Making Money Online Is All About The EYEBALLS. The Webpages With That Have The Most REAL Visitors Make More Bank Than Those That Have Less Traffic.

The More REAL People That See Your Banners Or Text Links Or REAL People Who Visit Your Product Or Service Offer Pages, The More Money You Supposedly Can Make, Or So They Say. But This Idea Is Only Half True. For Two Reasons:

1. 99% Of All Visitors To Any Webpage DO NOT BUY ANYTHING From Any Webpage They Visit. But This Fact Is Nothing New. It Has Applied To All Media For Well Over A Hundred Or More Years.In Advertising Circles It's Called Branding: Letting Potentail Customers Or Clients Know Your Business Exists.

2. The Purpose Of Affiliate Marketing, Today Is To Have Affiliates Send FREE TRAFFIC To Merchant Webpages, Not For You To Make Money. That's Just A Side Hustle, As They Say, And You Get Lucky. It's Basically Gambling. The Odds Are Against You From Day One.

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