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Dateline: Las Vegas: Summer 2020:

In the online world today there are just three ways to make money:

1. Become An Affiliate Of One Or More Merchants And Get Paid For Any Sale You Generate From Your Affiliate Links.

However, as an affiliate, unless your generate a sale, you are just sending FREE TRAFFIC to the merchants you promote. And YOU ARE PAYING for the traffic you send them. Basically, the merchant gets the traffic. They can arbitrage the traffic you send with Adsense or use it to get people to sign for their email list or newsletter. What do you get: NOTHING, except you have to pay for the visitors your send the merchants and pay for your hosting and such. The result is you lose money unless you generate a sale or referral.

For Example: If you are an Amazon affiliate and you send someone to Amazon, if they open an account with Amazon but do not purchase anything on that initial visit, when they do come back and make a purchase, YOU GET NADA, NOTHING, ZILCH. This situation is endemic to affiliate marketing everywhere. And this situation is not good for your bank account.

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2. Sell Your Own Products Or Services On Your Own Website Or Webpage.

3. Sell Advertising: Banner Ads Or Text Ads For Merchants Or Affiliates On Your Website Or Webpage, Search Engine Or Other Media.

But ask yourself this question: Why do Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon and all the TV and Cable stations make you pay upfront to get your webpages with your offers or ads seen by potential buyers or just people in general? The answer is simple: Because they are not in the charity business. Basically, they know that FREE does not pay their bills and for sure it does not pay your bills. In addition, they know that click bait fraud and CPM fraud is endemic, so they require upfront payment.

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As an online merchant, you should only pay for time and traffic guarantees up front. However, most people will not click on your banner or text ad unless they really want or need your product. Will they make a purchase, probably not since the first thing they will do if go look the product up on Amazon to see if your prices are really good and you pay for shipping. Then they might come back and buy what you are selling. The point is this: You may make the sale. You may not.

The real secret to making consistent online sales is this: Make all your affiliates, if you have an affiliate program, your customers and all your customers similar to being an affiliate. And it's easy to do that trick: Make everyone who signs up for your email newsletter a PREFERRED CUSTOMER for life. Preferred customers should always get FREE SHIPPING and at least a 25% to 40% Discount Off the retail prices posted on your website. The discount should be based on your wholesale price.

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For Example: If 30,000 people visit your website or offer page from you banner, text ad or search engine post and 20% sign up to be Preferred Customers from a link they see above the fold on the first page of your website or webpage, you now have 6,000 people to potentially buy a product or service from you. If just 10% make a purchase in one month, you make 600 sales. If you clear $10, you just made $6,000 profit. And all you have to do to make more sales is send each Preferred Customer an email once each week. The more Preferred Customers you sign up, the more sales you will make over time.

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